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Just Two Minutes – why disabled parking spots are important

I was introduced to the Facebook page and it led me to the discovery of an amazing video – the link is at the bottom of this post.

I’m pretty well known for my views of people who make things difficult for those of us with mobility challenges, particularly when it comes to parking. Hence, I was introduced to the wonderfully titled Facebook page “Shit Parkers of Kelowna.” There’s lots of these pages for many cities, it seems.

I uploaded a photo of my Friday night Fish n Chip outing, with the sidewalk obstacle course:

Photo of myself with a sidewalk blocked by a sign and an overhanging car
It caused a fair bit of discussion. Yes, the first sign could be moved, but the barriers behind it are permanent, so same problem, no solution. Really, people just don’t need to overhang the sidewalk.

The moderator of the page introduced me to this amazing video by @MEMOQuebec on disabled parking spot and the importance of them. There are many reasons people in wheelchairs need those spots, but none explains it as well as this video. An excellent public service piece that deserves to be shared far and wide! Please watch!


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