Quality of Life hits the road – Part 2!

I’m sure you’re all wondering where this story left off… Read on!

To recap: Travelling has been getting a little difficult – the hotels rooms, the bathrooms, the hours, the eating out all the time. Our solution? A 1997 Winnebago that we’re going to adapt so that we can roll in style!

Ian did some initial work on the interior, and then off it went to Summerland RV Centre to have a really large door fitted.

The big door from the outside
The big door from the inside
After that, Ian and Ric got to work – and fitted the lift. And now I’m in the Winnebago! Me and my chair are in the Winnebago! Next? Interior to be fixed up and we will be on the road!

The wheelchair lift in place
The wheelchair lift deployed  Me, inside the Winnebago, in my chair

Want to enjoy the ride on the lift with me?

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