Quality of Life hits the road – part 3 – a story of three Ricks and a prescription 

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog entry, because in the whole of that time I have been obsessed with one thing – when will the Winnebago be ready to hit the road?

Ian and Ric continued to work miracles. The final product is so amazing that when we took it to the dealership that fitted the door, they said renovation looked like a factory job! I will take a video of all the wonderful features it has at some point, but this post is about us hitting the road for the first time.

A great deal of planning went into it – where – when – what to eat! We chose the route carefully to not go over the highest highway route to Surrey, with our daughter’s back yard being our final destination. We planned to spend our first night away in a full service RV park so that Ian felt happy about all the connections and how everything worked.

The great day came and we loaded everything up – dogs included! Deefer even packed his own toys to take with him!

Lacey and Deefer in the Winnebago
Ian in the driving seat  Me in the passenger seat
We spent a long time slowly wending our way, with many stops – because learning to travel slowly and being spontaneous is what this is all about, isn’t it?

A mountain view from the road
A blanket knitted by my mum  Lacey in the driving seat
(That’s Lacey “driving” and through the window you can see Ian geocaching!)

By 4pm, 6 hours after setting off, we entered Manning Park and no cell reception. We were about 20 minutes from our campsite for the night. We were driving along quite happily – and – nothing. Nothing. The engine just died. And with it, the power steering! Ian wrestled Winnie to the side of the road.

And, with no cell reception, he set off to hitch a ride back to the closest garage and telephone. I, on the other hand, did what every person with MS and major fatigue does, and went to bed

3 hours later and this is the result – towed by a lovely man, Rick number 2!

Winnebago hooked up to the tow truck

2 hours after that, we arrive on the forecourt of CarGuys of Hope, where we spend our first night. The first meal we had planned so carefully? Cold leftover pizza, from the night before.

Next morning, enter Rick number 3, another lovely man! He fixed us up (new distributor) and we headed off to arrive, on schedule, in Surrey!  (This is me, in bed, calling my mum, while Ian has the cowl off the engine at the front of Winnie!)

Me in bed while the Winnebago is being repaired
What’s the prescription, you may ask? Some anti-anxiety meds? (Or the emergency refill of one of my drugs at the local Safeway because I hadn’t brought enough?!?) No. Quite simply this!

I prescribe a Winnebago to everyone who is pretty much housebound! And not only that, but it should be covered by insurance too – and not just BCAA (best extra $20 add-on we spent…). What a new lease of life!

I loved every minute.

Afterwards, I loved the breakdown. What an adventure! That big truck? I had to get in that, as you’re not allowed to stay in your vehicle while it’s being towed. Unfortunately – or luckily – there’s no video of that!

I loved taking my bed, my loo, my kitchen and my dogs with me everywhere I went – everything I miss when we travel and stay in a hotel.

Ian making breakfast
Two dogs eyeing up my bacon butty (sandwich)
I loved sitting up front and slowly watching the scenery pass by – much better than the inside of my house, which, as much as I love it, I could happily see less of it.

A view of the open road
I loved being able to spend time with our Surrey family. I’ve not been able to get into their house because of stairs for a few years now, so time down there has been spent in hotel rooms and has been limited. Now, we can sit down to dinner together, play games, do crafts and just hang out – and I can sleep as much as I need to!

Ian with Katara
Kanata drawing rainbow  Me and a sad Katara
Ian with Kanata in my wheelchair
Here’s a bit of a reality check – I only left the Winnebago twice in the 6 days we were away. Once to get in that truck, and once to go out for dinner. But that didn’t matter. It was the adventure! And I’ve been home for 5 days before having the mental wherewithal to put this together – adrenaline only carries you so far, and then there’s the crash! But compared to sitting at home doing nothing? Very very much worth it!

I’m not sure how much you’ll hear from me over the summer, because as far as the bank account stretches to gas money, we will be on the road!!!

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And here in England we enjoyed it as well….via Skype…….watching our great grandchildren ….baby Katara and listening to Kanata….who talks and explains and talks.
Lovely to see their mum as well
Must admit that we …make that I was worried silly when they bought the ‘Winnie’……but have to admit M was a different person over those 5 days


We enjoyed every moment we spent together here. Disappointed that the Wennie didn’t fit the backyard as planned. Better try a new plan.


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