MssingAbout is a disabled woman; a full time wheelchair user with MS; a PhD student.

Michelle and Lacey at the MS Walk, dressed in red

In 2008 she lived an active life – musician, school principal, married with two furkids. She loved the outdoors – hiking, camping and had even been a scuba diving instructor.

On Labour Day, she felt burning in her foot, then her leg. Naturally, she assumed that somehow her husband had put the heating on, on a 30C day! Things gradually progressed to tinglings and numbness, and by Thursday, she was in hospital. It turns out that this was an aggressive form of MS, so within 6 months she was a full time wheelchair user and no longer able to work.

When one door closes, another opens – albeit with a wider door with hopefully an automatic opener on it!

Although a severe form of physical and cognitive fatigue limits the time she is out of bed each day to 8 or 9 hours, MssingAbout tries to fill that time with useful things – advocating for disabled people, as a PhD student, painting, and spending time with her dogs. Follow her blog to learn more!

Michelle and Ian


Her husband, Ian, passed away in 2019. She dedicates all she does to him.