One day, in late 2016, MssingAbout decided that she wanted to have a go at watercolour painting. Her lack of artistic talent up to this time was fairly well known, so she only told her husband – because he lives with her! – until she’s had a go and decided she was doing okay. She found ways around the limitations of her fatigue and arm weakness by mainly painting in the morning and painting small things so she didn’t have to move her arm much!

Finding it difficult to constantly ask the same people to sponsor her for the MS Walk each year, initially she decided to use her new talent to try to raise money. Now, she paints for enjoyment, to create presents for unsuspecting friends and family, and for fundraising whenever the opportunity arises.

Would you like to buy items with MssingAbout’s artwork on it? Check out her store on Art of Where.

Click on the thumbnails to see some of my recent paintings: