Permobil M3 Corpus – my review

In January I got a new wheelchair – a Permobil M3 Corpus. It’s taken me a long time to write this review, because every time I went to do it, something happened, either to me or to the chair! Getting… Continue Reading…

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Straws: it really means accessibility and respect

This is a long post, but I really need you to read it. It’s about straws, again. Yes, straws. But it’s not about plastic versus paper, or the environmental impact, or which multi-national conglomerate is changing their straws, or which… Continue Reading…

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Let’s Ban Everything – and damn the consequences!

Concern for the planet, and the oceans particularly, has led to calls for single use plastics to be limited and/or banned. The poster child for banning stuff, at the moment, are plastic straws. Some municipalities are moving ahead with a… Continue Reading…


Catching up – a day at the legislature

It’s been a long winter, with lots happening in our personal life, and not much time – or inclination – to blog. I’m hoping to catch up with a number of things now, though. Let’s start off with my latest… Continue Reading…


MS Awareness at the BC Legislature

On Monday May 7th, I was part of a team from the MS Society that went to the BC Legislature to spread the word on our priorities to the MLAs. At the same time, my mum was visiting from England!… Continue Reading…


The Disability Diaries in The Guardian

What a great read the Disability Diaries are! I find myself amazed that there were so many experiences that were exactly the same as mine, and disappointed that so many of us have the same experiences, at the same time.… Continue Reading…


Wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing?

I’ve outgrown this blog, it seems! Over the last couple of months I’ve developed a website, that you can find here, where I can put more than I can put in this blog. On it, you’ll find posts, that are… Continue Reading…


Federal Consultation on Transportation Accessibility

In Spring 2018, the federal government is expected to table  Canada’s first federal disability legislation, aimed at improving accessibility and inclusion for the 17% of Canadians who are disabled. In 2017 I was invited to take part in the in-depth… Continue Reading…


Technology is making huge changes

Stories like this one on CBC about a Nova Scotia woman who is now able to communicate independently for the first time in 21 years show the improvements that are being made in the lives of disabled people.  I am… Continue Reading…

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Consultation for the new HRC

Check out my written presentation for the consultation for the new Human Rights Commission by clicking on the blog!

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