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My husband and I are both active people. Victor writes, and is currently creating an exhibition for Winnipeg in September, funded by a Canada Council of the Arts grant. I’m a PhD candidate at UBC-O. However, that’s not the full… Continue Reading…


Believe me now?

An excellent but unusual article – a man with fibromyalgia talking about not being believed. Unusual because this chronic illness is most often associated with women, but the disbelief that goes along with it has a long history in medicine of… Continue Reading…

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When Disabled People Are Not Included In Inclusion

This morning I answered the survey for “Let’s Talk Budget 2022” and I’ve been on a slow burn ever since. It just exploded in a twitter rant, which hasn’t satisfied the fire, so I will continue here. You may have… Continue Reading…

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Throne Speech 2020 – Big Aspirations for Supporting Disabled People While Excluding the Voices of those in Long Term Care

The September Throne Speech was touted as being big on caring for Canadians as we “build back better” from the pandemic. While there are definitely glimmers of hope for disabled people in the speech, we will wait to see proof… Continue Reading…

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Systemic Injustice – the Views of a Disabled Woman in June 2020

Right now, the world is trying to manage a pandemic while centuries old systemic racism in the US may have finally met its match as people take to the streets, as long as “we” don’t get bored with it, and… Continue Reading…

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Why don’t you see us?

In a recent episode of Will and Grace called “So Long, Division”, Jack, the gay guy, was arguing with his boss, a black guy about which of them was more oppressed as a minority. Over time, the narrative built to… Continue Reading…


Catching up – a day at the legislature

It’s been a long winter, with lots happening in our personal life, and not much time – or inclination – to blog. I’m hoping to catch up with a number of things now, though. Let’s start off with my latest… Continue Reading…


MS Awareness at the BC Legislature

On Monday May 7th, I was part of a team from the MS Society that went to the BC Legislature to spread the word on our priorities to the MLAs. At the same time, my mum was visiting from England!… Continue Reading…


Federal Consultation on Transportation Accessibility

In Spring 2018, the federal government is expected to table  Canada’s first federal disability legislation, aimed at improving accessibility and inclusion for the 17% of Canadians who are disabled. In 2017 I was invited to take part in the in-depth… Continue Reading…

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Consultation for the new HRC

Check out my written presentation for the consultation for the new Human Rights Commission by clicking on the blog!

Michelle in wheelchair with lightsaber fighting Dart Vader