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Systemic Injustice – the Views of a Disabled Woman in June 2020

Right now, the world is trying to manage a pandemic while centuries old systemic racism in the US may have finally met its match as people take to the streets, as long as “we” don’t get bored with it, and… Continue Reading…

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Why don’t you see us?

In a recent episode of Will and Grace called “So Long, Division”, Jack, the gay guy, was arguing with his boss, a black guy about which of them was more oppressed as a minority. Over time, the narrative built to… Continue Reading…

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Straws – just like single use plastics, the debate just isn’t going away

Over the summer I met with the two MPs that cover the Central Okanagan – Stephen Fuhr, the Liberal MP for Kelowna-Lake Country, and Dan Albas, the Conservative MP for Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola. Amongst other things, I made them aware of… Continue Reading…

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Straws: it really means accessibility and respect

This is a long post, but I really need you to read it. It’s about straws, again. Yes, straws. But it’s not about plastic versus paper, or the environmental impact, or which multi-national conglomerate is changing their straws, or which… Continue Reading…

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Let’s Ban Everything – and damn the consequences!

Concern for the planet, and the oceans particularly, has led to calls for single use plastics to be limited and/or banned. The poster child for banning stuff, at the moment, are plastic straws. Some municipalities are moving ahead with a… Continue Reading…

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Consultation for the new HRC

Check out my written presentation for the consultation for the new Human Rights Commission by clicking on the blog!

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Consultation for the new Human Rights Commission

In November I was invited to take part in the consultations for the new Human Rights Commission, with Parliamentary Secretary Ravi Kahlon. Below is my written submission that framed our face-to-face discussion. Dear Parliamentary Secretary Kahlon As a disabled woman… Continue Reading…

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“Everyone has a sob story”

Widely reported in the Canadian media today, Minister Kent Hehr’s meeting with a group of thalidomide activists certainly didn’t go well. While the exact words Hehr used are under dispute, the campaigners certainly came away with a negative impression. Follow… Continue Reading…

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Bringing news and information on MssingAbout

Staying connected to the world, and connecting people to the lives of disabled  people is important to me. Check back for the latest news, views and information on issues facing disabled people. 

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Thud, Thud, Thud

Thud, thud, thud. That’s the sound of years of disability rights activists banging their head against the wall as they work tirelessly, trying to achieve substantive change for disabled people. Compared to some of the people I know, I’m a… Continue Reading…

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