A trip to the neurologist leads to a tour of the MS research facilities!

I had my last appointment with Dr Kastrukof – all I can say is Dr Carruthers, you have a tough act to follow! My appointment coincided with a tour of the research facilities for supporters of the MS Society, so… Continue Reading…


Charting the course of my MS through MRIs

If you know anything about MS, I’m sure you think you know what’s coming next – a discussion about the number of lesions I have accumulated, gadolinium contrast and the like. Well, you would be wrong! My first MRI, my… Continue Reading…


But what does it mean? Or mode? Or median?!?

I used to teach an IB maths course that had a lot of statistics in it. I used to enjoy looking for examples of bad uses of statistics in the media. Now it seems I’m finding them in my MS… Continue Reading…


Fatigue for Lacey and me!

MonthStill??? This is the longest month EVER! Today I am so so so damn tired. The trip to the neurologist takes it out of me. Lacey went to the kennel and has come back tired too. She has been under… Continue Reading…

Michelle in wheelchair with lightsaber fighting Dart Vader