Technology is making huge changes

Stories like this one on CBC about a Nova Scotia woman who is now able to communicate independently for the first time in 21 years show the improvements that are being made in the lives of disabled people.  I am… Continue Reading…


Assistive Technology in the news

Two articles popped up today, both about assistive technology. The March of Dimes has a competition in BC and another one in Calgary, offering the chance for 8 disabled people to win a tablet set up to support them. While… Continue Reading…


A great little gadget from Cripple Concepts

I got this really great little gadget today – and it came with a freebie too! I had had this little XLR to USB adapter that let me charge my phone or iPad off my wheelchair, but it fell apart… Continue Reading…

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Internet Access – a necessity for the isolated and disabled.

What is a necessity? To get technical, we could look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:   When asked about exactly this, FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly said that he saw necessities as those things firmly rooted in the bottom of the… Continue Reading…


Technology enhances and changes lives for people with disabilities

Today I read this wonderful article in the Guardian about the effect that Proloquo2Go and an iPad has had on the life of a man with autism. I know the effects of this software as I also use one of the… Continue Reading…

Michelle in wheelchair with lightsaber fighting Dart Vader