Michelle Hewitt is a disability activist and graduate student in the Central Okanagan, BC. Viewing life from a wheelchair while having a chronic disease, she is constantly struck by the inequities disabled people face in structures of society. This led her to become active in her home community, and with provincial and federal governments. She attempts to build bridges and seek equity between those with lived experience of disability and those who control governmental structures. Michelle’s volunteering includes being Chair of Disability Without Poverty, a board member of Disability Alliance BC, and a leadership volunteer with the National Government Relations committee of the MS Society of Canada. As a PhD candidate at UBC Okanagan, Michelle is researching care options for working aged disabled people with progressive chronic illnesses. Typically, this all takes place from her bed, with the company of her Bernese Mountain dog.


To contact Michelle about her academic interests, email her at


Research interests

Care options for working aged disabled people with progressive chronic illnesses

Research as an insider

Systemic pathways to discrimination – the plastic straw as an example

Foucault and genealogy


What should care look like? is a video introduction to Michelle’s research. 


Recent articles

Hewitt, M, (2022), How Does a Foucauldian Genealogical Approach Enhance the Study of Long-Term Care through a Critical Disability Lens?, Societies 2022, 12(3), 73

Hewitt, M, (2020), “Reflections on advocating for Age Appropriate Care in BC”,
Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 9.4 

Hewitt, M, (2019), ‘Refusing to be silent”, Knots, vol 4.