Surviving holiday wheelchair damage

If you are a Facebook friend you will probably remember my wheelchair story from October 2013. We were flying to Orlando for a family holiday to celebrate my mum’s 70th birthday, with my parents flying in from England. We got… Continue Reading…


Road trip!

A quick post today as I’m on the road. I’m off to UBC Vancouver to see my neurologist. Only a 5 hour trip down there, an overnight hotel stay and driving back the next day. Travelling is exhausting. My usual… Continue Reading…



And today – video!!! With music!!! As we saw yesterday, I have all kinds of nifty equipment to help me. This has to be the biggest, though! When you use a wheelchair, you realise that not only do you have… Continue Reading…

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Dealing with People from Stupidville

This is for all of us with reduced mobility, wheelchair and walker users, not just MS!Friday night, as everyone well knows, is fish n chip night for us at C Lovers. We have a favourite disabled parking spot there because… Continue Reading…

Michelle in wheelchair with lightsaber fighting Dart Vader